Printed Frit Patterns

Printed Frit Patterns

Optically clear 100 Micron PET window safety film, printed with a range of standard white frit patterns.
The film is UV cured, is scratch resistant and Class 0 fire rated.
Can be used as a partial privacy film for internal or external glazing, or to give shading to overhead rooflight glazing.
The film is optically clear and gives the impression that the pattern has been printed directly onto the glass.
These patterns are sold by the meter and are available through our online store.

FP-1 75% Coverage

21mm Stripes
7mm Clear Gap

FP-2 60% Coverage

12mm Stripes
8mm Clear Gap

FP-3 45% Coverage

10mm Stripes
12mm Clear Gap

FP-4 30% Coverage

12mm Stripes
28mm Clear Gap

FP-5 75% Coverage

26mm Squares
4mm Clear Gap

FP-6 60% Coverage

23mm Squares
7mm Clear Gap

FP-7 45% Coverage

20mm Squares
10mm Clear Gap

FP-8 30% Coverage

16.5mm Squares
13.5mm Clear Gap.

FP-9 60% Coverage

26.2mm Dots
3.8mm Clear Gap.

FP-10 45% Coverage

22.7mm Dots
7.3mm Clear Gap.

FP-11 45% Coverage

22.7mm Dots
7.3mm Clear Gap.

FP-12 30% Coverage

18.5mm Dots
11.5mm Clear Gap.