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Fitting Instructions

Tools / Equipment

In addition to the manifestation and squeegee supplied, you will also require a spray bottle with application solution (500ml water and a few drops of washing up liquid), a waterproof fibre tip pen (CD writing pen is ideal), tape measure and a lint free cloth.

Projects involving vinyl patterns which go up to the edge of the glazing will require a craft knife or similar.

Note – If the fitter is experienced, do not add any washing up liquid to the water. This will allow for earlier removal of the backing.


Using a one sided blade, remove any debris, old paint and existing vinyl. Spray the window generously with the application solution and clean thoroughly with a lint free cloth.
Ensure to remove any dirt from the gaskets.
Next, measure from the ground level upwards to desired level (check ‘legislation’ and ‘legislation explained’ sections of this website for requirements).
Make a small mark with the pen at either end of the window (for wider windows, a centre mark may be useful).

Application Of Mainfestation

On a clean flat surface, carefully peel back the shiny backing film from the manifestation, ensuring the film is kept low to the table / surface, and that the vinyl remains on the application tape.
Spray the window with the application solution.
Line up the top edge of the manifestation strip with the pen marks on the glass, ensuring design is central to the glass. Gently press onto glass.
Using the squeegee, start at the centre and move outwards pressing firmly, taking care to remove any bubbles.

Removal Of Backing

Once Dry (usually one or two hours later), carefully peel back a corner of the application tape, and check if the vinyl has applied successfully. Once satisfied, remove the backing as shown left, keeping the application tape close to the glazing with one hand, pulling with the other. Finally remove the alignment triangles and pen marks with a damp cloth.